10 Tips for Traveling with a Baby

Everyone dreads traveling with a baby to some extent. If you don’t and everything in your parenting world is hunky dori, good for you. Now go away. The rest of us have some concerns.

Now all kidding aside I truly did have some concerns when it came to traveling with a baby in the car. So of course I do what I always do; I read everything I could get my greedy little hands on. But really what made me feel more confident was simply getting in the car and going. And guess what? We all survived!

We have ventured to New Orleans, Panama City, and New Mexico Beach. All with our under 6 month old baby and I can say it was a successful trip. Even the 7 hour plus car rides!

Today I’ll be sharing with you my top 10 tips for traveling with a baby that I’ve learned through other expert moms as well as my own experiences.

Top Ten Tips

1. Use Sleep Time – Use that precious, quiet sleep time to get most if not all of your drive time (can apply to flying as well) done. If you are a night owl, why not use their night sleep time to travel? We did this on our trip to New Orleans. Got up at 3 am to do most of our driving during that time. Check out my article on New Orleans for more details.

2. Naps Are Your Friend- If going at night is not an option then definitely utilize those naps. Work to time out your travel during their longest naps. Break during wake time for leg stretches and feeding. Check out my articles on restaurant survival and New Mexico beach for more tricks and tips.

3. Avoid Getting Stuck- The worst thing you can do is get stuck on a long stretch of road with a screaming baby and no where to pull over. So review your travel route and plan accordingly. Maybe stop for little one to stretch their legs before one comes up.

4. Bring Entertainment- On long drives we only stop when baby girl would start getting fussy. This way we got more miles in. Keeping them entertained helped a lot. Some examples to bring are: another person, movie, toys (Lamaze are always a big hit especially the Octopus), snacks like puffs, and of course milk or formula. So don’t forget to load up your diaper bag.

5. Familiar Comforts- Make sure not to pack that favorite lovey. If you are planning on letting little one sleep make sure you have their familiar props. Things like their white noise can make it easier for them to sleep longer specially in a noisy car.

6. Keep It Shaded- Nothing wakes a sleeping baby like a nice blast of rays to the face. So make sure to get a see through shade like this one so they can still enjoy the world around them while awake.

For extra comfort, we put my breastfeeding cover over her car seat to keep it like her own private space. Stick a fan in there and her white noise machine and we are golden. Slept like a dream every ride.

7. Stretch It Out- No one likes getting stuck in the car for hours on end. Legs get cramped, back tightens up. Now be a baby. No, I didn’t mean  ACT like a baby. Lol.

Don’t just put them in another seat like a stroller. They really need to stretch those little legs. Bring their picnic matt and set up in some shade or put on the carrier to walk around a shopping center.

8. Keep Going- Don’t pull over right when baby wakes up. If they are in a pleasant mood, keep on going. Get all the miles you can get but don’t forget to avoid getting stuck on a long stretch as we spoke about before. Use your entertainment tactics and wait till they start getting fussy to stop.

9. Car Seats Are Important- And I don’t mean for the obvious reason. Duh safety is important. What I meant was positioning. We originally had a car seat that was the one that connected into the stroller. Awesome car seat and great for when she was smaller because it was designed for a more laying position. Now that she is older as well as longer she prefers to be in an upright position.

That’s why we moved up to the 4 in 1 Graco. Oh my lord her and I both love this thing. She loves being able to look around sitting up and I adore the fact that she’ll use this for years and years. That’s mullah saved people!

10. Sometimes They Are Going To Cry- And that’s ok. You didn’t fail! They’re just complaining most of the time anyway. It’s their equivalent of “are we there yet mom?”.

Alright parents, you can do this! Don’t use the little ones as an excuse to not live your life. Get out there. Travel! Make beautiful memories with your family. And if you need any extra help. Message me below.

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