DIY Baluster Installation

One thing that gets me super excited when it comes to home projects is when it both looks pretty as well as adds value to the home. Double win!

Today I’ll be sharing with you one of those wins. Our DIY Baluster Installation! Below I’ll share with you a step by step tutorial as well as an instructional video.

Before picture of our white wooden railing.

Heres the after picture with our updated iron railing.



Drill Bits



Caulk gun

Liquid Nail Adhesive


End Caps


Tape Measure


  1. Demo. Use sawzaw to cut through the middle of the baluster then remove each piece. Use pliers to remove any nails. Continue to remove each baluster needed.
  2. Use measuring tape to measure an inch and half into the opening of where baluster was down to bottom of stair. This will give you the length needed to cut for your new baluster.
  3. Use bandsaw to cut new balusters
  4. Attach end cap to baluster before attaching it to stair
  5. Use Adhesive to connect new balusters. ( You can use a cut zip tie in the
    pening to keep baluster from moving side to side, see video)
  6. Continue connecting all balusters until completed look is achieved

Video Tutorial:

And there you have it. A pretty simple home project that not only can turn your old stairwell into a show stopper but also something that can add a little more value to your home.

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