DIY Window Installation

As I’ve said, purchasing a fixer upper to turn into our dream home has had it’s challenges however well worth it. One of our favorite rooms especially for entertaining is our Sunroom. We knew that to turn it into a place we’d like to be all year around we’d have to enclose it. So thus the 15 window installation began.

Installing your own windows may sound like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Today I’ll give you our walkthrough tutorial on how to do it yourself.


-Appropriately sized windows

-Standard wood shims (as needed to level the window)

-Window foam

-2 inch exterior grade screws

-Screw gun


-Tape measure


-Exterior caulk

-Trim (if needed)

-Saw (as needed


  1. Purchase appropriately sized windows, these should be slightly smaller than opening (about 3/8th’s smaller on all sides)┬áso you can adjust for any uneven areas with the shims.
  2. Use the wood shims as needed to level the windows.
  3. If windows are exposed directly to weather, use seal flashing.
  4. Apply silicone type installation around window flashing before setting in hole.
  5. Once level, use the clamps to hold window in place.
  6. Use screw gun to screw window into place. At this point you can remove the clamps.
  7. Fill any remaining voids around the window with the window foam or installation.
  8. Check the windows ability to open and close before finalizing the project with trim.
  9. Apply trim if needed to conceal gaps.
  10. Caulk around any openings on the outside to ensure no air leaks through.

Here is also a great video of how to install the windows as well, courtesy of Thermo-Tech Premium Windows & Doors

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