One of the rooms I’m most proud of my husband for all the work he did on it is our Sunroom.  He did a crazy amount of work to make it a great place for us to relax and entertain. Things like the 15 windows he installed himself (click here for a tutorial) or the time he took to stencil the walls for me (he said I was being too slow lol) just to give it a wow factor.

Here’s the before picture:

The after picture (and we aren’t even done yet!):

Today I’ll share with you some of the DIY projects we have already completed like the window installation (click here for its DIY directions). As we continue to make our sunroom our own personal sanctuary, I’ll keep you updated with more walk through tutorials.

One of the more practical projects was our Cat Condo. We knew we didn’t want our cat inside since he preferred the outdoors but also wanted to make sure he had somewhere to go for shelter that was comfortable. Thus the cat condo.

We were able to get a cheap armoire from GoodWill that fit in with the overall look we were shooting for in the sunroom. From there my husband was able to saw several openings that led our cat through from bathroom to bed to food to purch. He absolutely loves it!

For a step by step tutorial plus a video, click here!


Another project was my Crate Shelving Unit. Super simple but great for a rustic themed room.

You can purchase the crates finished or unfinished and stain them yourself like I did. They often go on sale at craft stores and Walmart. A lot of farmers or flea markets have them as well so keep your eyes pealed.

Once you’ve finished them, stack them to your liking and simply attach with nails. Make sure you wait two to three days for the stain to completely dry so as not to discolor any of your decorative nick knacks.

Now decorate away! A cool feature is that you can hide an outlet while still being able to plug items in. Yay!

Another really simple yet beautiful DIY item was this flower chest. Chest + flowers = Gorgeous!

During Christmas I’m able to switch up some of the flowers to give it more of a Holiday feel.

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Flowers are expensive as I’m sure you are finding out, they go on sale often so make sure you take advantage when t does.

To keep your flowers from being smashed, a piece of board will easily keep it open for you without damaging your blooms.

Now I did cheat and buy my burlap curtains however there are some great articles (like this one) on how to make them yourself. You can find these particular curtains here.

Ya I see you noticing those awesome pipe curtain rods my husband made! I’ll share with you how we did it here.

Add a little rope lighting and ta da!

There you have it. Our sunroom…so far. As we continue on this journey of home improvement I’ll make sure to keep you all updated.

Have a question on one of our DIY projects? Definitely comment below and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of my Home Make Over to find things like DIY Travel Nightstand. Thanks again and HAPPY ORGANIZING!

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